Rabbit Fur

Price : INR 1,000.00 / Meter

Rabbit Fur

Any way to build business is to serve rabbit at company dinners. First, though, you must know how to cook it … and the following suggestions should give you some ideas. (You'll note that — since rabbit has no real fat of its own — most of these recipes require you to add some. Bacon is best. Otherwise, anything you can do with store-bought meat can also be done with your own home raised hare.)


Details  :

  • Pan Fry - Parboil the meat about 20 minutes with sliced onion and a dash of sage. Remove the pieces and fry them in bacon grease or vegetable oil.
  • Shake And Bake - Proceed as with chicken, but cook the meat under light foil.
  • Bake - Parboil a whole rabbit 20 minutes. Wrap it in bacon strips, followed by loose foil, and bake it for one hour. (Mr. Bell didn't mention oven temperature, but around 350 Fahrenheit should be OK. — Mother.)
  • Stew - Boil the meat off the bone, cut up vegetables, and stew them with the boned rabbit until the ingredients are done. Stewed rabbit is stringy but good.
  • Sausage -  Boil the meat until it's very tender, remove from bones and run it through a home food grinder. Mix in a pound of store-bought sausage, make the combination into patties,and fry them.


Color Grey
Design Plain
Thickness 25 mm
GSM 150-200
Application Clothing
Width 150cm
Min. Order Quantity As Per Requirement

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